Galveston to Rio Grande Map | Nautical Map of Texas, Circa | Early 20th Century


A fine art quality reproduction of an early 20th Century nautical map survey of Galveston to Rio Grande.These finely detailed maps are still used today as essential tools by mariners; providing scientific data on charting coast lines and interior bodies of water. This piece not only provides nautical facts and information, it displays the natural contours of the coastline. The visual impact of the piece emphasizes the beauty of where the lands meets the sea.

 Our selection of paper is of museum and gallery quality. These pieces are printed on matte heavy weight premium archival paper. Please also note that we do everything we can to display our colors accurately and use the best descriptions possible. However, we can't guarantee every screen will accurately represent colors, as all monitors show slight variations of color. 

  Our products are printed from high resolution images to guarantee sharp details. The resolution of the images shown in our displays do not reflect the resolution of our end product. Also details on the maps will be smaller according to the size of map.

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